Solostream Zeke 2 Column Theme

Solostream makes two themes called Zeke, this is the two column version of it.  Zeke is widget ready.  It’s a clean design with the main nav bar between the header and the main body of the page.  Like all the Solostream premium WordPress themes Zeke is sold in both a basic and developer license.

BANS on Root Theme

BANS on Root Theme

BANS on Root theme is another WordPress theme that makes it simple to integrate the Build a Niche Store system into WordPress. They’ve made an effort to make this one not look almost identical to the default WordPress theme. You should be able to build a reasonably stylish site using the on Root theme to sell eBay products through BANS.

BANS Purist WordPress Theme

This is a pretty basic 2 column WordPress theme that isn’t so different from the default WordPress theme. The big advantage of Purish theme is that it was designed to integrate with the Build a Niche Store system which allows you to set up your own ecommerce site selling products via eBay. And with this set of templates they’ve made it even easier to integrate BANS with WordPress.  Get this theme if you just want a real simple layout but if you need a BANS integration we would suggestion going with on Root or Studio Press. Golden Brown Theme

PremiumThemes Golden Brown Theme

Golden Brown incorporates the best of Green Golden with the CMS type functionality of some other PremiumThemes templates. It’s a less corporate feel than their other CMS WordPress themes, making it ideal for someone who wants that flexibility but still wants it to feel like a personal site. Golden Green Theme

PremiumThemes Golden Green Theme

Golden Green can be configured to be either a 2 or 3 column layout.  It’s a sophisticated looking theme with a lot of flexibility for the user.  Try it now. Harmony Theme

PremiumThemes Harmony Theme

Harmony keeps a light airy feel with its playful blue and green color scheme.  It will definitely make your WordPress installation stand out from the crowd.  Like all of PremiumThemes designs it is available for both individuals and developers. Grain Theme

PremiumThemes Grain Theme

Grain theme has joined the trend of having a large footer, leaving more screen space above the fold so your readers can see all your content rather than just your navigation links.  Give Grain a try, we think you and your readers will enjoy it.

PremiumThemes Business Theme

PremiumThemes Business Theme

PremiumThemes means business with their Business theme.  It’s got a more casual feel than their Corporate Blue theme, but it’s definitely another template aimed at the corporate world.  WIth its customizable front page this is intended more as a CMS and less as your ordinary blogging platform.  And that could make it the perfect platform to build a professional site. Corporate Blue Theme

PremiumThemes Corporate Blue Theme

Corporate Blue goes beyond just a basic WordPress theme.  With it’s customizable home page PremiumThemes is clearly providing this for people interested in using WordPress as a CMS rather than just a blog.  And with its clean, 2 column layout Corporate Blue will fit right into the corporate world. PremiumRed Theme PremiumRed Theme

The name says it all. This is a premium WordPress theme with a bold red header that’s sure to catch anyone’s attention.  Try it out now and you might be seeing red.

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