DIYThemes Thesis Theme

Thesis was designed by Chris Pearson who is perhaps best known for his design of the layout at CopyBlogger.  Chris is now making his excellent design skills available to everyone through his themes at DIYthemes.  Thesis is minimalist, clean design which can easily be used as a CMS.  There is also a growing development community around Thesis which makes it promising people who really want to customize it.  Check this one out.

WordPress Designer Ashes Pro Theme

Ashes Pro is the next step up from WordPress Designer’s basic Ashes theme.  It’s targeted at more commercially oriented sites.  It has a more stylized look than the basic Ashes layout.  It also has more space incorporated into it for ads for those peopel interested in make some extra money from their site.  How much you want ad space available will be your big deciding factor between Ashes and Ashes Pro.

WordPress Designer Ashes Theme

Aiming for the same target as the Smoke Signal theme, Ashes is a trimmed down magazine style theme.  Much like Smoke Signal it fills that gap between just a simple blog and a full blown CMS magazine type site.  This actually makes it easily customizable to suit just about any need between those extremes.  And with its built in Gravatar and related posts capabilities it really encourages participation from your readers.

WordPress Designer Smoke Signal Theme

Smoke Signal would be ideally suited for a pro blogger.  It incorporates much of the features of WordPress Design’s other magazine themes but is simpler making it more suited to pure blogging than a CMS.  So for the blogger that wants a bit of sophistication and to stand out from the rest of the blogosphere this is an ideal solution.  The Smoke Signal theme is available for individuals and if you ever want to turn your pro blog into a network there is also the developer license.

Solostream 3 Column Theme

Solostream 3 Column WordPress theme appears to be an attempt at giving you some CMS capabilities.  It has a featured content box with a tabbed navigation somewhat reminiscent of what Yahoo has done on their main page with tabs for their featured content categories.  Even though Solostream didn’t give this a flashy name there’s definitely a lot of substance to this theme.  Try it for yourself.

BANS Studio Press Theme

BANS Studio Press Theme

Finally, BANS has designed a template that allows you to integrate Build a Niche Store with WordPress with enough style so you won’t be embarrassed to show your friends.  This is a 3 column, very modern looking them with a tabbed interface.  If you really want to use BANS with WordPress we think this is the best theme to get that they’ve made available. Golden Green Theme

PremiumThemes Golden Green Theme

Golden Green can be configured to be either a 2 or 3 column layout.  It’s a sophisticated looking theme with a lot of flexibility for the user.  Try it now. Artistic Black Theme

PremiumThemes Artistic Black Theme

This stark theme is another 3 column layout.  It seems like it can be a bit cluttered, but is a great starting point for designing a blog.  Artistic Black provides the canvas for you to build a truly unique site.  It’s available in both an individual and developer’s license

PremiumThemes Black Pro Theme

PremiumThemes Black Pro Theme

Much like matting a photo on a black background, the Black Pro really makes your content standout.  And with its readiness for the flickrss plugin this looks like another theme aimed at photographers.  Give this 3 column layout a spin for all your photoblogging needs.

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