DIYThemes Thesis Theme

Thesis was designed by Chris Pearson who is perhaps best known for his design of the layout at CopyBlogger.  Chris is now making his excellent design skills available to everyone through his themes at DIYthemes.  Thesis is minimalist, clean design which can easily be used as a CMS.  There is also a growing development community around Thesis which makes it promising people who really want to customize it.  Check this one out.

WordPress Designer Sketch’d Theme

With this theme WordPress Designer moved away from the magazine style of a lot of their other layouts and made a more artsy theme better suited towards a personal site.  It’s got a grunge aesthetic without being distracting to your reader.  This is really focused on more of a pure blog type of site as opposed to some wanting to use WordPress as a CMS.  The usual WordPress Designer individual and developer licenses are options for Sketch’d.

WordPress Designer Pass It On Theme

Pass It On is another magazine style theme form WordPress Designer.  It is designed to give you maximum flexibility of adding content to your site without making a cluttered mess.  It’s also optimized for SEO and ads allowing you to monetize your content site easily.  This is also available in individual and developer licenses.

Wordpress Designer No Good News Theme

The No Good News theme by Wordpress Designer is a minimalist magazine style layout.  It provides a unique post page layout to better promote content.  It also incorporates social bookmarking directly into theme to better promote the spreading of your site.  It is available in both an individual and developer’s license.

Solostream 3 Column Theme

Solostream 3 Column WordPress theme appears to be an attempt at giving you some CMS capabilities.  It has a featured content box with a tabbed navigation somewhat reminiscent of what Yahoo has done on their main page with tabs for their featured content categories.  Even though Solostream didn’t give this a flashy name there’s definitely a lot of substance to this theme.  Try it for yourself. Golden Brown Theme

PremiumThemes Golden Brown Theme

Golden Brown incorporates the best of Green Golden with the CMS type functionality of some other PremiumThemes templates. It’s a less corporate feel than their other CMS WordPress themes, making it ideal for someone who wants that flexibility but still wants it to feel like a personal site.

PremiumThemes Business Theme

PremiumThemes Business Theme

PremiumThemes means business with their Business theme.  It’s got a more casual feel than their Corporate Blue theme, but it’s definitely another template aimed at the corporate world.  WIth its customizable front page this is intended more as a CMS and less as your ordinary blogging platform.  And that could make it the perfect platform to build a professional site. Corporate Blue Theme

PremiumThemes Corporate Blue Theme

Corporate Blue goes beyond just a basic WordPress theme.  With it’s customizable home page PremiumThemes is clearly providing this for people interested in using WordPress as a CMS rather than just a blog.  And with its clean, 2 column layout Corporate Blue will fit right into the corporate world.

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